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help! need to find TPS Signal wire!!

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which wire is our TPS Signal Wire? wiring up a Zex WOT box.
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I'm not entirely sure if the 3 has a TPS wire. The drive-by-wire system uses the wires coming up to the throttle body to drive the throttle instead of a throttle cable. I'm not 100% on that but I'm sure someone else here can either confirm / disprove that.
On the harness plug thats closer to the front of the car (out of the two big plugs on the ECU).

On that plug there are 4 rows of wires.. if you are looking at the harness with the black lock lever on top..the wire you are looking for:

3rd row down and 4th wire from the right. White with a blue stripe.
i plugged into the full white wire on the plug. kinda got a little advice from the haltech f10x manual.
you want the brown wire on the throttle body connector
when the throttle is closed you should see between .5 and 1.0
and at wot you should see 4.2 volts to 4.8 volts
hope this helps
just so you know once your done installing you gotta program the zex box for your throttle, if you didnt already no, or dont know how let me know
so it's the brown wire to the plug? not the white wire?
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so it's the brown wire to the plug? not the white wire?
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