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Hey guys,

Yeah, my wheels are ugly...
I gotta 2.0 touring in 06, haven't really done anything to it cept for some 6K HID's and my treads are running at under 20%...

I'm planning on getting some new wheels and rubbers, and for the past few days i have been totally confused over the color of the wheels...

My initial thought was full black, but we only get sun here in the summer and in the winter time they arent really noticable, plus my girlfriend already demolished the black idea...

I'm thinking 18x8? on 225/40.

Not too racer not too hood...cant decide on the color, My car has a really ODD color, copper red!

I also added a picture in sunlight...

Any color or wheel recommendations are welcome.

Nothing too pricey though, I'm only a student...


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