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Well I have spent most of the day on these forums today. Alot of great information here. That being said I must admit i have very little car experience. Oil and brakes are about the extent of my experience. Well I took out the intake resonator once ( ending up taking the whole front bumper....) but put it back in.

Anyway not to ramble I do have a question I am sure is somewhere on these forums but I cant seem to piece it together from different threads.

I have an 07 2.3 sedan. ATX unfortunately. After help from these forums I decided I want the vibrant exhaust but because my knowledge of exhaust systems is so limited I am not sure what I would be buying... If I buy a cat back system, is that just pipe and a muffler that deletes the second cat? Why is it that some people ask about a high flow cat even after they talk about having a cat back system? From what i have pieced together an exhaust system goes exhaust manifold, header, 1st cat, second cat, muffler, tip.
Somewhere in there is a resonator.

Also I live in Texas and I will have to pass a sniffer test once a year and was wondering if a system that deletes the second cat will pass the sniffer?
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