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heres kind of the style im looking for:

these 3 are from tirerack

kazera ky-z Machined w/Anthracite Accent

enkei performance g5's- Finish: Machined w/Black Accent

Enkei Performance T-Fork-Finish: Machined w/Anthracite Accent


Enkei FD-05-Gloss Black Machined OR Gunmetal Machined

only prob with all these enkei's i liked, there all 17x 7's

anyways i appreciate the help :] at least i got the tires picked out lol!!!

ya i want 17x7.5's silver/gunmetal/black are kind of the color's im looking into, obv i like the two tone color

Also does anybody know if a 2007 Mazda 3 I Sport Sedan has built in tpms??? i know it comes standard on every single 2009 model.....(btw i currently have hub caps if that effects anything)

please show me more rims i might like:] ohh and my spending limit is about 1200$ between wheels/tires
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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