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I installed the kit following all the plugs and all, but I believe the DRL's are messing with the circuit.

The HIDs come on when the handbrake is released, meaning that the DRL power is running through it.
Since it is at half power, there is a ticking noise coming from the engine bay/ballast/whatever.
Same thing with just the parking lights on.
The HID's don't flicker because they're being powered off the battery.

Now with full power lowbeams, the ticking stops while there is no change in lighting.

I tried yanking the DRL fuse and there's a ticking noise throughout all three settings, so that definitely didn't do anything.

I suspect that it's the plug that attaches to the stock bulb harness that's causing the problem.
Because with our cars we just use the parking lights as our signal to turn on the HIDs.
With the MPV, the turn signals aren't even accessible unless you take the headlight out of the car.
I have no idea.


So I picked up an H4 kit for an 01 MPV and it came with what looks like a bypass harness.

I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly.

I also want to pull the fuse for the DRLs.

Here are the wires. I hope I labelled it correctly.
The one thing I'm unsure about is the 3 pronged plug. I'm guessing this goes directly to the driver's side stock bulb harness.


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Hey, the H4 kit that you've managed to pick up seems to have a dual beam setup. I think that extra plug is what triggers the high beams to kick in on the original HID bulbs. (the original ones actually didn't get brighter, they just shift position inside the piece that holds the light bulb) Hope this helps.
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