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help i need pics of tint

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I have an 07 Cosmic Blue 5 door MS3, I want to get my windows tinted, anybody have any pics of the Cosmic Blue with tint? Or a color close to it?? I want to get some ideas before jumping into it. Thanks in advance. :D
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if you look CLOSELY at my "I lost my Mazda 3" ....... that is 20% tint. It looks hott. I will get more up when I get my car back. But you can see them in some of those pics.
another reason to post some pics. *grins* 35% all around using Llumar ATR tint.

*** click on images for larger view ***
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20% all around
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Just a note to the OP: tint percentages might look different in person. You have to take into account the angle, sunlight, camera, etc. Might want to visit a local tint shop and see if they can show you cars they are working on. Most likely, the workers themselves might have their own cars tinted.

Just my two cents.
I've got a little bit of everything. Just got my hatch tinted yesterday. 50 fronts, 30 rear doors, 20 rear quarters and hatch. I like it. nice smooth transition from front to rear, and the difference in interior heat was noticeable right away. Glad I decided to do it.

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50% on the fronts. 5% on all rears.

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wow 5% is dark lol.

I think I am going to try and get 20 done..... depends on what they will do for me I guess.
adamp88... That looks sweet. I like :)
35% front, 20% rear.

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get it all the same % or dont bother..
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