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I'm building my own sub box (sealed) to fit nicely in the back of the 3, my old ported box is just too big to fit in and still have a useable trunk.

Anyways I found out how to calculate volume from the tech articles on Crutchfields website. And the recommened volume for the sub I want (el cheapo rf punch stage 1 12") is 0.85 cu ft.

The question is can I have a box that has a bigger volume? How will this affect the sound?

Also if anyone has some free time and a 3 sport, could you verify that the rear seats are at a 80 degree angle? I'd like a second measurement in-case I measured incorrectly.

Thanks for any help,

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The response curve changes as the box gets bigger. Going no more than .25 cu/ft is ok. The sound of a woofer in a bigger box sounds more like an echo, or higher response. Also kinda sounds like flopping, where the woofer isnt controllable.

Here is the figures Ive come up with:

14" Height
15" Wide
10" Top depth
12" Bottom depth

Figuring with 3/4 MDF wood, it will be .93 cu/ft before speaker displacement and have a 81 degree angle.
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