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HELP!! Before a waste another set of light bulbs.

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Here is the story:

I havent driven my car in a month, got to lazy to run it and my battery died. So I get my car jumped, so its running now. I turn on my head lights and they grow bright and go out. WTF? I turned the switch off and on, but I blew them out.

Why would this happen? What should I check before I put in a new pair?
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Check your fuses, how does the bulbs look physically? If both are fine then it might be your ballasts.
How do i check the ballast?
well unless you are running aftermarket HID, no need to check the ballast because you dont have them,(a mazda3i wont have factory HID's) Check your fuses first, then check the bulbs for a bad bulb.
Still have no idea what the hell happened. Im going to guess it was a power surge or something related. My battery was pretty much dead, so maybe it was just unstable and caused a power surge.

Either way I got a new battery and new bulbs. I was afraid of busting the new ones since the old ones literally exploded. but everything is OOOOOO-K! :exnbpup:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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