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Hey, just dropping in here to say hello.

I think I joined this forum a year or 2 ago. I was looking for some info for the Mazda I just bought.. Found it :) but I guess I never activated the account as I was prompted to when logging in yesterday.

Anyway I bought a used 2008 3 hatch GT in galaxy grey. It had less the 30k on it. It has been a great car and we have been extremely happy with it.

We do not plan to do many mods to this car. It was originally purchase to replace my wife's car and serve as a commuter. It is now also the baby carrier. We have been rather impressed with the room inside for such a small car... More then my "bigger" car. Well except for the trunk space with the baby and stroller in the back... Lol.

Hence one of the reasons I came back. I wanted to look into getting the Canadian roof rails so I can put a rack on with carrier for longer weekend trips. Again found what I was looking for :)

The one mod I would really like to do someday is to put bigger sway bars on. Stock just has too much body roll for me.. Even for a commuter car.. Ha. I don't think the wife wants me to lower the car or put bigger wheels on so I am wondering if you guys think the stock mazdaspeed 3 sway bars would be enough. Plus a used set of these would fit my budget better.

In other very sad news our car was keyed recently and it has made us really sad. This happened the day after I got my car back from the body shop. That car was hit by a truck making an illegal right turn from a center lane. Insurance has been in subrogation now for 2 months to get my deductible back even though the other insurance company accepted liability. So now this stupid annoying scratch is kinda out of reach for repair since our comprehensive deductible is higher. It's hard to justify a scratch repair with a 5 months nth old and a new house that needs so much. Really bums me out.

So the 3 got neglected and hadn't been washed in a really long time as we contemplated on what to do. I was thinking of just selling it cause it hurts to look at everyday. But we have decided to keep it cause we love it. We will be holding off on the paint fix and it may never get done :(

So after that I put new brakes on, changed the fluids and did its long awaited wash. Polished up all the black trim and everything. It looks almost new except that dang scratch... Ugh.

So here I am making a long winded post (sorry) to say hello and say I will be keeping the car and using this forum for any info I need.

I would like some opinions on sway bars please.. Sorry if this is not the place for it.

Thanks for reading
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