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im in a similar situation as you.. i got h11 hid kit and right now its on my stock fog housing.. searching for a projector housing also came across this 60mm hella somewhere... whats stopping me is that it says it takes 9005 bulbs ...trying to find answers as to how would my h11 hid fit in there......

if my understanding is correct.. h11 means the plug not the bulb type.. the hid bulb itself is d2s.. so it would fit in the projector just the plug won't fit?...

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So Hella 60mm -> Easy install, 90mm -> a bitch to install? Any special bracketry needed, and is there an H11 HID projector out there, so I don't have to replace my HID bulbs? I have a total of 2 sets of H11 3000K HID's that I don't want to go to waste.
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