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again the address is
7606 el escorial way
Buena Park, ca 90620
714-488-5281 is my cell if anyone needs it
3:00 starting time
saturday february 10th

classes to be judged on
i added best stock
and most ghetto
the what we already have.

wi will make ballots there will be a catagory and a space after it
everyone will put a sheet of paper with their name on it int he car please? i will supply paper and pens or sharpies
we will vote every time there is a name in a first place spot 10 points, second place spot 4 points and 3rd place spot 1 point. we will tally it all up and award acodingly, you are not chosing a catagory, people get to pick what you are in, and what you should win for!
i think might be fun

and now the list you play how many, remember this is a pot luck bbq (if i was rich then i woudl buy for everyone and have a bigger place)

Thank you all hope to have a good turnout.

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1) aliennation95gt (alien90mx5) +1
2) mazdaracer
3) 6jen
4) wes
5) fLyPiNoY7
6) Dr. and a friend
7) nonameheroes
Whiteknightescort +1
9) crankor
10) dimmwatt +1
11) danny
12) david
13) steeb
15) miataspeedster
16) udontknowjack +1
17) SHINE Man
1 redcalimp5
19) black protege 5
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