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HB Brakes

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I'm guessing that the Hatchback will use 4 disc brakes like the Protege5 wagon.
would make sense, standard abs you think?
Standard ABS on the top trims in Canada without a doubt (s in the US and GT in Canada, like with the Protege ES now).
I hope ABS is standard on US models.
ABS is not standard on the 6, so I doubt it will be on the 3.... but then, the 3 has HID and Nav and the 6 doesn't have those, so who knows.
U.S. specs:

4-door i - 10.9" front (ventilated discs), 10.4" rears (solid discs)

4-door s, 5-door s - 11.8" front (ventilated discs), 11.0" rears (solid discs)

all models are power assist with optional ABS and EBD
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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