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If my 2.3 has been sitting for a couple of days, or if it sits overnight when cold (Florida--cold is 50 degrees!) the car acts like it is running on one or two cylinders when it starts. If it starts. Some times, I have to crank the car 3-4 times before the motor will catch.

I look up the TSB and it says there could be a problem with the fuel pump. I take it to the dealer, they say they did the fuel pump test and found no problems. Now they want to charge 220 bucks to clean the throttlebody and the fuel injectors!

I asked three times if they checked the fuel pump, and they said they did. Then they said the fuel injector cleaning is SUPPOSED to be done at the 30,000 mile mtc? WTF?

The other thing the guy suggested is to leave the vehicle overnight to see if it would have trouble starting the next morning. I am unsure if this would help, since the only thing they focus on now is the mtc that I pay for.

Any ideas or advice?

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Mazda techs solve problems like a computer would... hehe

Hope u find something that helps here:

Inspect for the following:
• Vacuum leakage
• Proper fuel quality (such as proper octane, contamination, winter/summer blend)
• Loose bands on intake-air system
• Cracks on intake-air system parts
• Air cleaner restriction

Possibly, bad PCV.

Inspect the pressure regulator diaphragm condition.
• If condition is normal, inspect the fuel injector.
• If condition is not normal, replace the pressure regulator.

Inspect the ignition coil related wiring harnesses condition (intermittent open or short circuit) for all cylinders.
Are wiring harness conditions normal?

Inspect the spark plug conditions.
Is the spark plug wet, covered with carbon or grayish white?

Visually inspect the CKP sensor and teeth of the crankshaft pulley.
Are the CKP sensor and teeth of the crankshaft pulley normal?

Install fuel pressure gauge between the fuel pipe and the fuel distributor.
Connect WDS or equivalent to DLC-2.
Turn ON fuel pump using FP PID in output state control of datalogger function.
Is fuel line pressure correct?

Disconnect a vacuum hose from the purge solenoid valve and plug opening end of the vacuum hose.
Start the engine. Is starting condition improved? Inspect if the purge solenoid valve is stuck open.

Inspect the MAF sensor for the following:
• Contamination
• MAF sensor terminal B voltage (GND circuit)
Is there any contamination?

Inspect engine condition while tapping the EGR valve housing.
Does the engine condition improve?
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