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well in the past week i have gone out to start my car and it wouldnt start, it wouldnt even turn over. so i went inside to get some numbers for mazda and when i came out and tried again it started right up. so the dealership just told me to drive it around and see what happens. well it did it again today, same thing, i let it sit for a few and then it started. so this time i took it to the dealership to have them check it out and it turns out to be the starter. no big prob right, well they told me there is none in the country so it has to come from Japan and its going to be about 2 weeks. so now i get to drive a toyota camry on mazda's dollar till they get it in. you would figure a starter would be something they would have, but in their parts books it tells them the part is not even made or available yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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