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GT Sport - Deal or No Deal?

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Hi Guys,

Since more people are on here, I figured I'll post here instead.

I have been offered by a dealership in Calgary:

Mazda 3 Sport GT
- $27200 Everything included
- No moonroof, no leather (non-luxury package)
- Crystal White Pearl
- Block heater, rear bumper step plate, wheel locks, tint job

Is this a good deal? And do you think moon roof is worth the extra $800?

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leather seats?

I paid 25 500 for everything in my 05, no leather.
this is the non-luxury package for this deal so yeah no leather seats
I'd say no but I'm down in california. With the conversion to USD I beleive that is $23,482. I bought my 07 S-GT (leather) with the bose/moonroof package and atx for $21,124 USD which is $24,464 CAD. Just my .02...crazy american. :D
damn that'd be nice. The carcostcanada report says the car is $24,348.00 at its wholesale price before all taxes. So the dealer is probably making around $600 on this deal i figure? Im not sure.

Aren't cars cheaper in the us as well? int eh US is cheaper.

I guess MSRP has gone up since they have HIDs now? but still...that seems steep.

auto or manual?
that makes a little more sense.

save the 1000 and get a real man's car 8)

mtx for the win.
i wanted the manual but this is for my gf who cant drive manual
teach her to drive manual. With the 1 grand you save you can buy her lessons from Young Drivers and have her beat on their transmission first. And still have money left over for winter tires... or springs... or swaybars... or a CAI...
Before taxes, I paid almost dead on 25k even. That's for a 2006 Mazda 3 Sport GT. The only things I'm missing are the navigation, leather, and auto climate control, which I chose not to have to save $$. Moon roof, and everything else, including 17" rims I do have though.

I have my moon roof open as much as possible, I love it on days where it allows.

These cars also have the easiest manuals to drive, ever. The clutch is soo smooth. Save yourself a grand off the top and go for a manual.
MT gets better MPG also... the AT for a sunroof. better deal IMHO ;)
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