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Grounding Wires?

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I have seen these grouding wire kits? what the hell is the deal with them. Is there any benefit?
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Not really. The buddy club was said to actually do something, but now everyone is hating on it. My guess that its just a bunch of crap that will be tangled up in your engine bay making it look like a spider web.
we hate on it, cause its over $100....
I feel the Buddy Club Condenser kit has some benefit. I can tell when I've disconnected it (or thought so), and a few blind tests performed by members also had positive results (disconnecting it and the driver who did not know it was removed thought something was wrong or different about how it drove).

The dyno report in the main BCC thread seems to back up the theory that it "fills a dip" in the power delivery at a certain rpm (~5200) as well.
I haven't seen any follow-up dynos for comparison though...

Personally, I'm not hitting around 5200rpm all that often and I never felt the "dip" in the first place, but I do feel the throttle response overall is slightly smoother and I don't have a hesitation I used to occaisionally at very low rpms.

Whether it works for you or not I cannot predict, nor am I gonna say for sure it works, but it seems to work for me. Plus, i get the cool blue LEDs :p

why don't you try a simple ETB ground wire and if you can feel the results for $1, you can decide if you want to blow some dosh on the fancy solution...
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