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Just picked up a white speed3 GT w/ nav this weekend at Steve Oliver Mazda over in Leawood, KS. Retail was 27.1k (almost 29k with warranty), we got it for $23500 with 100k mile bumper to bumper warranty. Incredible deal. They had 4 more speed3's left, 2 red and 2 grey I believe. Tons of 3's, and a few of all the other mazda models.

Snipit from article: 'Steve Oliver, a Mazda dealer in Kansas City, Mo., has not found a new floorplan lender. As a result, he said, Ford Credit is giving him until Feb. 26 to liquidate his vehicle inventory.
"The only choice I have is to surrender my franchise," Oliver said. Under Mazda's franchise agreement, the company would have to buy back his new vehicles and parts, he said.'

Lemme know if anyone is interested. Referral bonus is always nice. =)
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