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GOT MY MAZDA 3 sport GT TODAY.........question re:tail lights?

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Hello, I am new :D

I just bought my 2005 Madza sport GT hatchback today. Yipee! Love it already!

The only thing I don't like is the colour of the tail lights. They have the orange and red in them. I really don't like them :( I didn't realize that the '05 are different than the '06 and '07 tail lights.

Is there anyway I can change them? Where can I buy new ones? I live in Vancouver, Canada.

Thank you very much!
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congrats on teh car and welcome to the forums...

if I had a black 3, i might actually prefer the old tails...they kinda 'pop' for the right color...
hang loose until one of the sponsors asks you to PM them (don't pay that until they give you a price).

i don't know the going price but i do know you don't want to pay book price.

I think Steve at Ron Tonka Mazda gives a very generous discount to most things that are popular so at least get a price from him.
maybe for buying a car, but i dunno about the

i was going to say you should have taken your dad,uncke,boyfriend with you, but i'm firmly against giving advice that's too late.

if you paid a bunch for an extended warranty, you can get that back though, sometimes...
well, good luck with the tails. i think there's a place in san diego (also a sponsor) who makes aftermarket LEDs, so that's another option. I wish i could help more, but i like mine as is. :D

if this was earlier, you would have more responses by now. i think everyone is out and about.
i did a qwik search of and it looks like ~$300 for the 06 tails, but there my be a new harness and other stuff. there are probably some how-to's with pictures in the mod's section.

look around, there's a lot of help in the "stickies" at the top of each section.
de nada, that's why were here. :D

here's one of the aftermaket choices:

i'd post in the mods section if you don't get real answers from members who've done it, even if it takes til monday (the sponsors might not be online, i wouldn't).

anyways, i'm ptaching servers so you're helping me kill time.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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