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Hello Mazda Lovers!....

I just got a New (used) 2008 Mazda 3 grand touring. And seriously it is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Prior to this car I was driving a old piece of crap 93 Chevy S10....what a piece.

Finding the right Mazda 3 for me at a right price was no easy task- I was quick to find out that dealers are thirsty for a sale. I was fortunate to of bought mine at the right time (end of the month) AND I got it for a decent deal. The KBB price listed with all the features was $20,900 and I walked out of the dealership paying $18,600 (including everything from sales tax to license fees) Thats about a savings of $3,500+ off Kbb!!

Just a tip....

How did I get that much off?....

1.) The horrible economic recession puts some dealerships in a "selling mode" in that the NEED to sell cars to meet there quota. And sense a lot less people are buying cars because of job loss, inflation, ect. Isn't this recession great? totally jk

2.) It was a corporate car...
Corporate car means that Sales personal from either Japan or other Countries use a companies car to drive around in the states. Mazda 3 is a great car to drive everywhere!
(the dealership says they can stay in the states for up to 9 months)

3.) Last, I offered it all in Cash...Show me the MULA!
Dealerships sometimes like to have all the cash up front because it makes the transaction smoother and easier.

Thanks for reading!
And This Forum is pretty much the best one on the face of this earth

I will post some pictures soon!

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