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goodbye yellow 3

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Well this is REALLY painful to talk about, but i have to get it out. I think this is goodbye for the yellow 3 bird.

Yes it was a bad crash. It happened yesterday afternoon. The other car involved was definitely totaled, but no one cared because it was a piece of crap. It's on the fence about my car, but i'm willing to say it's prolly finished because i need to start coming to terms with it.

I was leaving University mall making a left turn in the rain...i don't know if they were speeding, but it really seemed that way because my car can make it across so swiftly and they hit me long before i got there. Either way, there's no way to prove they were speeding so of course i take the fall in this situation.

It's so sad because 90% of the car looks just fine. They hit me in the left headlight and everything inside my car got thrown against the left side door, including me. I hit my head and was pretty disoriented for a minute, and i have bruises on other parts of my body, and of course my neck is killing me this morning. Thanks to the fucking unrespondant airbags my head hit that area where the window meets the bottom of the door. It happened so fast i was so confused.

I got out and i was so confused about what happened i went to the back of my car looking for damage, where there wasn't any. I didn't think it was possible that they hit me that fast and got the front, but that they did. The engine fell out, my wheel is turned inward, and it was stuck in drive and the key was stuck in the ignition and wouldn't come out. Pieces of my car were splitting under the other cars driving by. I was like "that was my grill...that was my turn signal....this can't be happening."

And it was pouring down rain. My Uggs got soaked because my umbrella fucking broke in the crash. The police thought it wasn't totaled, but the tow truck driver thought it was. He told me this as he was pulling my baby onto his truck, and i had to sob. My boyfriend had just arrived and he later told me that i was crying like someone had died. I feel like someone has...

This just really sucks because i'm losing a big part of who i am. This car represented me so perfectly, everyone always said so. It drove beautifully without being an impractical gas guzzler. It survived hitting a deer and some other fender benders that were other people's fault. And now this, the beautiful relationship with my car abruptly ends, on a lousy saturday afternoon in the pouring rain.

I was just about to wash her again, i was about to get her so clean. I was about to put a sharkfin on her, and get ipod integration. I was so looking forward to these things, and now all i can probably look forward to is getting a brand new honda civic (the parents want to do this) which isn't half the fucking car my yellow was even at age 3. I guess it will be a long time before i can own a car i truly love again, and it really pains me.

I don't find out until monday or so whether it's fixable for not.
Anyway, wish me luck, and thx for listening.
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I hope everything turns out well. A wreck like that is always pretty traumatizing.

I wish good luck to you and your situation. :(
sorry to hear all that, i hope its fixable first off, but if not, just tell them to get u a new 3 instead of the honda.
[quote author=Maverick9110E link=topic=71089.msg1248043#msg1248043 date=1173039454]
just tell them to get u a new 3 instead of the honda.

Yeah i wish they would, then i wouldn't be freaking out like this, but they don't wanna spend that much again.

I think they're pissed the airbags didn't deploy too.
I gotta say that is how I felt to when my 92 MX-3 GS was totaled. For all the problems I had with it, it was still a "part" of me. I went into a 03 Civic coupe EX after that (at the request of my parents as well even though they weren't paying for it). The Civic was a fine car; great on gas, but nowhere near as nice as my 3 is. I hope I never have another accident in my car but the universe seems stacked against us all sometimes.

At least you were able to walk away from it without any serious injuries. Try to remember that metal and rubber can always be replaced, you can't.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Thanx for the car grieving story, it helps me through the grieving process for my car too.

I'm looking at the new civics, and they're so FUGLY! Probably one of the uglyist models i've seen them come out with. The Fit too, I can't believe i'm going to have to drive one of those POS's...this is so depressing.
Re: goodbye yellow 3!

:( that made me so sad! glad to hear youre alright at least but thats not much consolation now i guess :(

a civic cheaper than a 3? people keep saying that but my GF was pricing them both and for the features you get the 3 is about 2grand less.

i hope its not totalled. the yellow was so good!
cherry, i am real sorry to hear this :(

But cars come & go. We're all wrapped up in them, but they're just metal, plastic, & rubber, that can be replaced many times over. But your beloved car did its ultimate job, protecting you.

And you can never be replaced.
OMG :shock: Sad to hear, but glad you came out of it Ok.

Will keep our fingers crossed that they can bring your sunshine back to 1 piece...
That's tru. The sad thing is that i'm so attached to it i almost would have rather been hurt some by getting hit in the door area and still be able to keep my car! Crazy i guess but that's how i feel right now.

Here's an update: i might be able to get a Tiburon, what is your guys take on that car? I just saw a pic of the new one and the 2007s look a little hot in black, dare i say.

My friend's older one drives pretty nice but it's the GT of course.
Tiburons are nice, but are kinda lacking in power IMO, especially for a V6.
I'm prolly jumping the gun here because i'm not sure it's totaled, but i think i'm looking for a car around 17k that has to look hot. I want to get a 5 speed again, i haven't had one in years. It has to be asian, my parents won't buy any german or american cars.

What's my best option?
Cherry, sorry for your loss. I actually saw your accident yesterday, the cops were there already when I was turning into the mall. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.
Hit up that nissan/hyundai place on hillsborough and dalemabry. Drive it around. I would say if you go with a tibby then get the v6. I personally dont mind tibbys.

Yesterday was pretty bad. I got soaked while driving around and i even heard my tires spinning at one point which sorta freaked me out.

much love and glad to see you are safe and sound.
someone just put a lava orange hatch up on our buy-sell section... $15,000. i know i saw a couple more there too. you can get a good used hatch for 17000

orange is no yellow but still pretty unique.

just fight for s-plan on a new sedan?
[quote author=Redd78 link=topic=71089.msg1248121#msg1248121 date=1173042893]
Cherry, sorry for your loss. I actually saw your accident yesterday, the cops were there already when I was turning into the mall. If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

omg really! Did you see the damage? I want somebody who actually knows about cars to tell me whether it looks totaled.

Thx javi, remember to be safe in the rain, it's a bitch.

About the lava orange, it has to be new i think, they don't want a used one. My mom just shot down the tiburon, she says it got bad crash test maybe i'll have to get a mazda sedan. All this time i was always saying to myself "i'm so glad i have the hatch and not the sedan!" hahaha now i might be in their crowd....
[quote author=cherry link=topic=71089.msg1248156#msg1248156 date=1173044259]
I want somebody who actually knows about cars to tell me whether it looks totaled.

That's up to the insurance company, cherry. The general rule of thumb is that if the cost of repairs is around 65-70% of the value of the car they will total it. They would rather cut you a check for the value of the car and then sell the parts. They lose less money that way. It sucks for you, but it's also a good thing. You wouldn't want to drive a car that's been wrecked because all kinds of problems can show up down the line.
[quote author=M3-S link=topic=71089.msg1248161#msg1248161 date=1173044610]
sue for airbags not releasing

That would be a frivolous lawsuit. They're designed to only deploy under certain conditions. The fact that cherry is alive and reasonably well means they didn't need to deploy. If they did, she would also have a broken nose, or worse depending on her height and how far away she sits from the steering wheel.
awww :( like everyone has said, it's great news you're ok but sucks you probably lost your 3! A 3 sedan is better then a civic!!
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