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I got my Mazda3 Winning Blue HB two weeks ago and I'm still the only one on the road so far hear in tropical Medina, OH. For those of you who are still shopping, I paid $17,300 OTD. It came with pretty much every option except Leather, the Xenon/TPMS package, and the Navigation System (my Pocket PC Phone GPS is much better, cheaper, and definitely more portable anyway). These options would of hiked the price up to around $21,000. My dealer did not have pricing and/or availability of any of the dealer add-on accessories either (e.g. MP3 Player, Compass/ Outside temp auto-dim mirror, Perimeter shock sensor alarm, etc.), otherwise I may of added a few other accessories.

So far, I absolutely love it! It handles very well in the snow even with the 17" tires/rims as long as you opt for the 17" all-season tires. It's a blast to drive and the HB offers so much more in regards to storage and storage accessibility. As all the reviews claim, you feel like your driving a much more expensive car with regards to it's handling, interior looks, and exterior appearance. My wife likes the automatic and I love the ability to switch it into semi-manual every so often with the Sport AT automatic transmission.

The only thing I really don't like about it is that it did not come with an AUX-IN jack so I can play my extensive collection of WMA's from my Pocket PC Phone. Mazda should seriously consider adding this in the future considering the explosion of digital music devices. I also would of liked to see a compass/outside temp built into the far right portion of the unused Radio/DC display area. I also miss having variable speed intermittent wipers and there is only has one 12 volt power source which isn't nearly enough these days.

Of course, no post would be complete without some pictures. Check them out on my WEB site at... Mazda3/Forms/AllItems.aspx

Note: Click on the thumbnail once to view the picture then click on the picture to show the full 1600x1200 image if you really want to see the details.

Jim (a.k.a. GOJJGO) :D

EDIT: Topic heading for uniformity :twisted:
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