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for those that don't frequently pass by the exterior section:

all we need is 10 people total and SSG will build us a gv replica lip for the sedan i model. once we have 10 people, SSG will collect $20 from the serious buyers and once the lips are made, he will collect the rest.

[quote author=Supershyguy link=topic=63553.msg1092414#msg1092414 date=1164806583]
Its $235 US shipped to US

or $280 Canadian shipped to Canada.

if everyone on that list comfirms I will order that lip tomorrow.

Please only comfirm if you are actually going to pay for it. or else I will be out $1000 lol


here's the hatch lip for those that don't know this

and so far here's the interested list, we just need a few more...

1. Mummyman
2. BoostThat3
3. Roddy
4. Mole's 3
5. Sammifan
6. Stephanie (is hot)
7. -Mazda3GT-

for more information about the list and lip here's the original 2nd thread

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I'll probably be giving up my spot if you are still interested. Probably not going to have the money for awhile, and for all the work SSG has done, I'd rather someone take my spot who can get him the money now.

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yeah I'm thinking about dropping out of the GB... I dont know if I want to wait much longer for a front lip, I mean the speed3 got a GV replica lip before we did and we have been waiting for freaking ever.... so if anyone wants my spot let me know.
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