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**GB-Interest??** Oracal Tail Light Tinting Film

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I have seen GB's done for this in the past and now I would like to be a part of one.. I am interested in 2 yards of the stuff and it comes in 10 yard rolls so that leaves 8 yards up for grabs.. I read that one yard if careful can do your tail lights and rear reflectors.. But I want to play it on the safe side in case I screw it up... I would really not like to put this GB on myself because I have never done one before, but I can and will if I have to, if no one is willing to step up...

Here is a link to what needs to be ordered..

So I guess the price is still undetermined due to the fact we need a shipped price on the roll to someone, plus then shipping to each indvidual person... But it cant be to much it has to be like around $10-$15 a yard, thats just a rough guess though...

So I guess if we want to get this thing started we need to start a list...

Each name is for 1 yard of tinting film...
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2. bzdel2441
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