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Full racing beat setup

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Sup guys I have the racing beat front endlinks, front sway bar and rear sway bar. I just wanted to know if I bought the racing beat springs would it be a good setup If I take my car to the track for autocrossing. Also if any one has this setup I would like to know if those springs would make the differnce when it comes to handling since the sway bars made a huge difference with stock springs. Thanks guys :)
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If you want to track or auto-x seriiously, get a set of coilovers or Road Magnet springs with Koni Yellow.
I am Not serious about it.
Then get whatever you want... with your mods you are going to get killed in your auto-x class, so just mod away to your heart's content and have fun!
I used to have that exact same setup. I liked the Racing Beat springs better than the ProKit for autocrossing, however I agree with Justin... go with Road Magnet springs and Yellows, that'd be best by far.
I have never heard about road magnet? Are they good springs vs Eibach?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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