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Fuel system wiring

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I would like to know what is the AWG of the wire between the 15A fuse and the module pump fuel?
(marked with a circle).

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If you do some surfing, you will see that 12V DC, 10 AWG is good for 15A to 15 feet of wire with 2% voltage drop. So, I'd say this is probably 10 AWG. Now, some of this is also dependent on the insulation type of the wire and that can affect the wire gauge.
First of all thanks for the answer.
The 10AWG is for 30 amps, seems to me a bit excessive for what I need.
I prefer the same factory AWG.
Have a look at this one...this will get you closer depending on the length of the wire...
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If I add a length of 6 feet of wire, can it damage the operation of the vehicle's fuel system?
What are you trying to accomplish exactly?
It looks like you have the wiring diagrams. See if this car has an inertial fuel cutoff switch. This is a thing that cuts power to the fuel pump when the car gets some certain amount of jarring such as would occur in an accident. On some Mazda 3 models this is located pretty close to the driver position and you might be able to more easily access this and put in a simple switch.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts