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FS: Turtle Wax ICE Kit.

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I bought 2 kits because they were cheap and one of them were for a friend of mine but he backed out.
I used my kit today and well i can say this stuff is pretty dam good. I heard it does not last long but i like how this is easier to use and since you get 2 bottles of detailer that's pretty much like there liquid wax. This does wonders on the black parts of the car.

- Liquid Clay Bar
- Liquid Polish
-2 bottles of spray detailer
-3 Applicator pads
-2 Microfiber towels.

$32.00 Shipped

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i agree -- i rally enjoy using it and when it mists over, it can be hard to remove but the results are very nice. it also makes the black parts easy to clean as op stated. bump for a good product.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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