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Okay so i got a set of rx8s and 2 of the center caps didn't stay in the rims to great one actually fell out on my street and my neighbor ran it over. the only damage to it is 2 of the 4 clips came off. if your creative im sure you can fix it and find a way to keep the 2 in the rims. i just don't have time for these so i took my stock center caps and properly painted them and am using them. as you can see the paint job isn't that great (was rushed the day i did them). just wet.sand them and this paint will come off pretty easy.

$20 shipped OBO

I have a few sets of these valve stems laying in a box. they've never been used. all brand new. if you want a set tell me and ill keep selling till i run out.

$8 shipped OBO

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