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Hey guys, I'm selling my ridgid tools.....batteries are dead, and im thinking of getting anew set anyway....

bought the main set all work great...batteries are completely shot though....

1/2" hammer drill/driver
6.5" circular saw
Reciprocating saw
Halogen light

also have (purchased new) 1/4" impact drill only used it on a few fence panels.....also have a cordless shop vac (bought new)....and a sander (corded) (bought new).....

all run off 18v packs (cept sander)....i can include the two bad packs and dual charger if you want to send the batteries off to get retrofitted with new cells

and two dead batts

would like to sell as a whole set for $250 shipped.....can break it up if needed.....let me know guys....
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