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Asking $45 shipped for both, paid $50 brand new for each. They both is excellent condition, no scratches at all, they are like new and very well taken care of.


EA Sports' treatment of the world's most popular sport gets its annual update in FIFA Soccer 08. New to this version of "The Beautiful Game" is the Be A Pro mode that lets gamers lock into the role of a single player and experience all the challenges of real-life strikers, midfielders, backs, and goalkeepers. Real-time feedback and analysis let gamers see how they are faring in several soccer disciplines like positioning, tackling, and passing, and a new building-block system allows players to combine tricks to recreate the signature moves of superstar footballers or break off animations at any time to adjust to the defense and transition into a new move.

FIFA Soccer 08 features a new ball-striking system that calculates shot success by taking into account various factors like ball spin, defensive pressure, player attributes, and air pressure. New to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles is Interactive Leagues online play, which lets fans of the F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League, and Mexican 1st Division control their favorite team and take on rivals when the real teams play. Gamers can take to the pitch as one of 620 licensed teams, participate in 30 separate leagues, and control more than 15,000 players, a 20 percent increase over FIFA Soccer 07. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide.

FIFA Street 3

EA's playground-style soccer series continues with FIFA Street 3, which offers over 250 pro athletes from 18 international teams in five-on-five action across streets, on rooftops, and in other areas around the world. Athletes are grouped into four roles to help players quickly identify team specialists: tricksters, enforcers, playmakers, and finishers. As in previous games in the best-selling Street franchise, true soccer techniques give way to exaggerated moves like wall flips, ricochet passes, aerial acrobatics, and more. Each athlete is clad in a choice of authentic training kits or street clothes, as players attempt to assemble a world-beating team in an assortment of play modes.

FIFA Street Challenge offers 34 missions to complete to unlock new players and teams, while Head-to-Head features a best-of series against a friend with a choice of six scoring rules. Playground Picks has rivals choosing five star players from the same pool of ten before participating in a match. World Challenge is an online competition against teams from across the globe, with rankings displayed on a leaderboard. Showboating players will once again be able to activate "gamebreakers" on offense or defense, improving their chances at making a big play with dramatic, cinematic tricks. FIFA Street 3 also includes four difficulty settings, multiple ball types, and two camera views: sideline and "action." ~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide


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