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Top Notch Oversized Golf Clubs - 4-PW Including Gap Wedge - Professional Performance for Under $100

Let's get this straight. These aren't some piece of crap golf clubs that you would find at a yard sale. These are top notch quality name brand clubs. They'll perform as good as any of the best clubs out there right now and will make you a better player. DO NOT BUY poor quality golf clubs when you could buy these instead.

I used these irons in college for about three years. These Louisville Golf Clubmaker Classic Irons perform as well, if not better than Callaway brand irons. I was going to keep these around for a while, but I'm moving and hardly play anymore so they need a new owner. If you were to buy these clubs brand new they would cost you $450. This is a ridiculously good deal at $99.

If you want a great set of clubs that will last you a LONG time, these are exactly what you need.

* Oversized head for incredible accuracy and maximum forgiveness
* Perimeter weighting for amazing feel all over the face
* Stiff steel shafts for precision control and accuracy
* Super tacky Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip
* HUGE sweet spot for no loss of distance or accuracy even on mis-hits
* Two degrees less loft than standard for more distance without loss of control
* Cleaned regularly - minimal wear on the face
* Freshly sharpened grooves on the wedges

These are really great clubs for a beginner or intermediate players as they allow mis-hits without loss of performance. They also have pretty good workability. I could hit a draw or fade whenever I needed to. You WILL NOT find a better set of clubs for this price. This set of clubs is up-to-date with all modern technology, are manufactured locally, and will last you for many many years.

I also have a Taylor Made R540 Driver and a couple of wedges for sale so if you'd like those please let me know.

Price is SET at $99 + Shipping. I would assume shipping to be around $30.

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