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FS: New custom Oakley Fives NEW PRICE

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I ordered these off and designed them myself w/ their site. I am not a huge fan of the fives as I thought I would be so I'm going to keep my bottlecaps. These are still new but I threw the box away like a jerk. No scratches or any signs of them ever being worn, satisfaction garunteed! I paid 105.00 plus shipping, I've got them on ebay for 70.00 plus shipping I'll sell them here for 55 shipped anywhere in the 48 GROUND shipping only. Price is firm. Lenses are fire iridium, frames are smoked and you can see the red O. For some reason they look speckled in the picture but I can assure you they are spotless.

Gotta pay for these rims!​
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I may be interested in these...

Let me see how I do on the football poll tomorrow. I have 0 and 0, so I should walk with some decent cash...

I SO need some good shades!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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