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1. 2 sticks of Crucial 2GB 200 PIN DDR2 SODIMM memory (CT25664AC667)

I bought these for my old work laptop, used for a couple of weeks then I got a new job and had to give the laptop back but I kept the memory. They are "as new" and were kept on anti-static bags when i took them off.

More details...

# Module Size: 2GB (each)
# Package: 200-pin SODIMM
# Feature: DDR2 PC2-5300

They go for about $32 + shipping each. You can have both for $60 shipped or $30 shipped each OBO

2. Samsung M470T6554CZ3-CE6 Samsung DDR2-667 512MB SODIMM Notebook Memory $20 shipped OBO
Used a few weeks as well, "as new" and kept in anti-static bag after removed from laptop.

All prices are Or Best Offer so please feel free to make an offer, pm me or post here

Thank you so much
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