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I'm selling my 3 yrs old JVC Everio Camcorder with a built in 30GB HD. Up to 14hrs or recording time on normal video and 7hrs of Ultra Fine video quality. This also takes still pictures but do not expect SLR quality. It comes with extras, cables, manual and CD ROM with program. Sorry I don't have the original box but I will bubble wrap everything when I ship it out. PM or ask if you have any questions
All this for $100 $50+shipping

This is not a HD Camera, and I bought this camera 3 years ago and at that time the camera was already a closeout model
so it's hard to find the specs online.


2 JVC Brand battery (BN-VF733) - 7hr battery, but I think it's less now since I got this 3 years ago (
1 JVC Brand charger (AA-VF7U) (


Manual, CD ROM and USB cable (all cables are included RCA, and charger)

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