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First up is the JBL OnStage Micro in Black
This is an amazing speaker dock that I got for my birthday, but have not used it AT ALL. It can run off battery power (AA's) or it can be plugged in. Retails for $100. asking $60 shipped Check out details here:

Next is an LG enV car charger. This is made by LG and works well. asking 10 shipped

Last is a Belkin Tunecast Auto. This charges and plays any iPod or iPhone (including 3G without static) through a car stereo via FM transmission. This can even find a static FM frequency to use, which makes for better sound quality and convenience. This is a great unit, but I just installed a new head unit with an iPod hookup so I don't need this. asking 30 shipped

I reserve the right to end the availability of these items at any time, if you are interested PM me.

Thanks for looking.

I will entertain best offers as well.

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