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i've had this bike for about 20 months. i moved to san francisco in october and rode the bike alot for the first month but then it got COLD! now i dont even drive since i take a street car to work everyday.

2004 599 - Yellow
9400 miles (i'm still riding it when i can)

asking $4200

tags paid through august 2009

extras/add ons:
mini turn signals
aftermarket mirrors
frame sliders
micron exhaust
reflective wheel stripes
added a custom helmet lock
always garaged
fresh oil

i will throw in:
joe rocket manta tank bag
cargo rear tail bag
rear wheel stand
2 cans of chain lube/oil

the bike went over once in the driveway and scuffed the left side rear cowl (2" x .25" scuff), and cracked part of the mounting tab under the seat. it has not come apart or anything but the cowl would need to be replaced eventually to make perfect again.

i can meet up with anyone interest to take delivery w/in 20 miles of san francisco, ca


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[quote author=biking4jesus link=topic=132010.msg2837107#msg2837107 date=1230877624]
haha i wish i could take another Z and an r6. just trying to eliminate the "unnecessary" things in life and save up some money.
[/quote]Damn you sound just like me lol.
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