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Hey. Like the title says these things are for sale. I am cleaning out my storage closet in my house so all this stuff has to go. These are what I am asking and I think they are rather good prices. I will take offers but I am pretty strict on this because - like I said - I think these are fair.

New un-opened Metra 1-Din Dash Kit - 25$ SHIPPED
----- SOLD

GTEC Pro SS in Perfect Working Order - 160$ SHIPPED
We used this thing 2 times and it is SWEET. Pretty accurate too but now since I have to actually go dyno for tuning purposes I don't need it.

Osram D2S 4300 Bulbs - 80$ SHIPPED
These are the stock bulbs that come in the Mazda3's that are equipped with HID factory headlights. These have about 4 total hours of use on em. Great factory replacement bulbs and buying factory bulb replacements is expensive. We sell Apexcone D2S Bulbs for 120/bulb.

Stock Intake - 40$ + Shipping
This does not include the resonator and the two 3" clamps (which are 1.00 for 2 of em at AutoZone or Walmart). Filter is included and only has about 1000 miles on it so it is basically brand new. I went turbo and my car is way too modified to go back to stock so I have no need for it.
Stock Camber Arms - 35$ + Shipping
I had to get aftermarket adjustable camber arms because I lowered my rear ALOT so I don't need these.
I didn't include shipping on these because I don't know how much they will cost but lets say 15$ for each of these items. It shouldn't be more than that.

PM me or post if you want them. They will ship same or next day you pay.
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