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FS: Hawk HSP Front and Rear Break Pads and Black floor mats... more to come!****

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Hey Guys! Beacuse of the constant repairs and problems Ive been having with the electrical workings of my 3 I'm parting it out and trading it in. For now I only have Black floor mats and Hawk HSP pads for sale.

the pads are brand new never used/installed they haven't even been opened from the pack. I'm not looking to make any money,just break even. Everything in the picture is included.
I paid $135 with out shipping so your price is
$135 for both plus shipping............... pending?

The floor mats are in great condition, a bit dirty but cam be cleaned very easily, two front and two back, I pad $64 for and your price is:
$60 obo plus shipping........... pending?

thanks for looking! PM me for questions or comments
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will those brake pads work on speed3?
or they wont cuz diff brake size?
Won't work on a speed3. Pretty sure they are only for the 2.0L sedan model.
yeah there for the 2L
Pads should work for 2.0L and 2.3L. The calipers and pads are the same, difference is in the rotors and caliper brackets.

No idea on MS3.
these are still up for grabs if anyone is interested.
Does the break pads work on the 2.3l hatch? I'm pretty sure the sedan and hatchie 2.0l and 2.3l have the same caliper, rotors and pads
Pads work on both 2.0L and 2.3L. The calipers and pads are the same, however the rotors are larger on the 2.3L models.
haha thanks condor :)

like he said, they should fit, but i'm not 100% positive.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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