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i've had this bike for about 16 months, i'm going back to school for an MBA and need the money. hate to think about selling it! i'll try to get a few more pictures if anyone ones. 45-50mpg is great especially when gas is $$$. i live 3 miles from work, school is only 5 miles away, so i've not been riding as much as before (10 miles to work 15 school)

2004 599 - Yellow
9400 miles (i'm still riding it when i can)

asking $4700

09 tags are due mid august, i will pay them regardless

extras/add ons:
mini turn signals
aftermarket mirrors
frame sliders
micron exhaust
reflective wheel stripes
added a custom helmet lock
always garaged
fresh oil

i will throw in:
joe rocket manta tank bag
cargo rear tail bag
rear wheel stand
extra rear tire (same as current, slightly used)
2 cans of chain lube/oil

the bike went over once in the driveway and scuffed the left side rear cowl (2" x .25" scuff), and cracked part of the mounting tab under the seat. it has not come apart or anything but the cowl would need to be replaced eventually to make perfect again.

i can meet up with anyone interest to take delivery w/in 50 miles of riverside, ca

PM me or email direct rdiddy.douglas 'AT'


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To make that header chrome again buy a creme called simichrome. I bought some yesterday and it brought back a lot of chrome on my header. It rubbed out that discoloration pretty easily. The discoloration had been on the bike for over 7 years, and my co-worker referred me to something that would take it right off. It won't make it shine like new chrome, but it will take all that color off. Good luck on the sale of your bike; it looks pretty sick!! I'd consider it if I obviously didn't just get a bike last week.
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