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I have a bunch of eye brow rings that I am selling. I don't wear them anymore and find I have no use for these. I'd prefer to sell all of these as one. These are 16G which is your standard gauge size for eye brow piercings

I also maybe selling my ear gauges but unsure just yet but let me know if interested.

I am looking for $25 + $0.75(paypal fee) shipped. I plan on shipping them in you're standard envelope. If you would like them shipped different, you'll have to cover cost. I will take check or paypal only. (will ship when check is cashed)

Items include:
3 full circle rings
2 3/4 circles with points on the end
1 straight bar with balls on end (my favorite when I used them)
1 bent bar with points on end
10 bent bar with balls on end
3 metal silver
1 metal blue
1 metal red
1 metal green
1 plastic black
1 plastic red
1 plastic blue
1 plastic clear
A couple random parts that can be swapped out and w/e which also includes a bent black metal bar with 1 point on (other is lost)

Once bought, I plan on soaking in alcohol, but please clean them when you receive them. I am clean, I promise, but it's always wise to clean before putting in your eye brow

ps...sorry for the photos. I hate my camra


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i don't sorry...the only person i know with an eyebrow ring is my mom and she has never taken out the starter ring she has had almost 10 years now. she's too scared to take it out now.
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