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I'm just cleaning out a few items and figured I'd post these here:

DDM 5000K HID H11 Headlights & Ballasts

These are brand new ballasts and 5000K bulbs that have been used for less than 10hrs. I was going to go HID with my foglights, but decided against it. The bulbs are rated at 5000K, but I think they maybe slightly warmer. They're a bright, true white. The DDM ballasts are slim, lightweight, and mount anywhere.

(Also pictured is the new battery harness and new warning light eliminators).

HID Bulbs at Ballasts Only: $110 OBO
Warning light eliminators and battery harness add: $25

NewEgg Lanfest 2K7 DDR2-800 (PC-6400) 1GBx2

These were used for just a couple of days, while my 2GBx2 kit arrived. They were pulled from a working system. They're a great 2GB kit. You can find more information here:


Elixir 512MB / Kingston 256MB PC-2100

Pulled from a working system, works with nearly all DDR mobos.


Logitech Z-540 5.1 Speakers

These are 6 month old and "like-new" speakers. They're full 5.1, come with all cables, and work excellently. These have good sound quality and each speaker has dual drivers. More info at:,en



All prices above include shipping anywhere in the US. Please contact me if you have any questions!

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