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Sony STR-SE391 Receiver -- $100/OBO

Here is a link to the user manual and specs. Bought probably 3 years ago. Works excellent, comes with remote.

* Stereo mode power output: 100 watts x 2 (40 to 20,000 Hz, both channels driven into 8 ohms, THD 0.5 percent)
* Surround mode power output: 80 watts x 5 (all channels driven into 8 ohms at 1000 Hz, 0.8 percent THD)
* Analog audio inputs: 3 (including 5.1-channel inputs)
* Analog audio outputs: 1 (stereo RCA), subwoofer out
* AV inputs: 2
* AV outputs: 2
* Surround effects: Dolby Pro Logic decoding, other digital signal processing sound fields including Virtual Dolby Surround
* Rear-channel stereo: Yes
* AC outlets: 1
* Headphone jack: Yes (1/4-inch phono)
* Speaker selector: A, B, A+B
* Tuner preset channels: 30 FM/AM
* Auto-tuning: Yes
* Direct tuning: Yes
* Receiver dimensions: 17 by 5.5 by 11.5 inches

Sony Surround Speakers -- $75 for all five speakers/OBO

They work great. Not blown, not pushed. Had them for the same amount of time as receiver. Comes with:

SS-U281AV -- Floorstanding Loudspeaker
SS-CT301 -- Center Channel Speaker
SS-RS301 -- Surround Speakers

Cannot find specs online, but it sounds great for being a few years old. Had them hooked up with the above receiver.

20" Apexi TV/DVD Combo -- Flawless. Bought from Sams Club in 2002 -- $100/OBO

* Screen size: 20 inches
* TV type: CRT with Pure Flat screen
* HDTV capable: No
* Aspect ratio: 4:3
* Speaker wattage per channel: 5
* Number of speakers: 2
* Comb filter: No
* Invar shadow mask: No
* Scan velocity modulation: No
* Includes DVD player: Yes
* Includes VCR: No
* Signal type: NTSC broadcasts, DVD-Video, CD, SVCD, CD-Rs, CD-RWs (audio or MP3), JPEG CD, and Kodak Picture CD
* Multilingual menu: Yes (English, Spanish, French)
* Remote control: Yes
* SAP: Yes
* Sleep timer: Yes
* Closed captioning: Yes
* Multilingual menu: Yes (English, Spanish, French)
* Parental control: Yes (V-Chip)
* VGA/SVGA input: No
* Audio outputs: 1 coaxial digital-audio output jack
* Audio inputs: 2 sets left/right
* Video outputs: 0
* Video inputs: 2 sets
* Headphone jack: No
* Component video: 0
* Composite video: 2
* S-video: 1
* Front AV jacks: Yes
* Side AV jacks: No
* Sound leveler system: No
* Item length: 19.8 inches
* Item width: 20.2 inches
* Item height: 20.4 inches
* Item weight: 60 pounds

Computer/Monitor -- $125/OBO

Computer that I built some time ago. All I remembre is that it is a Pentium III 1GHz, 256MB Micron RAM (PC-133), Asus CUSL2-C motherboard, a couple HD's, boots into Windows XP Professional, some decent LAN card, maybe a modem. Works great, just slow. Monitor comes with it. $100 without monitor. Monitor is a 17" KDS flatscreen.

Euro Pro 1100 watt vacuum -- $100

Monster insane vacuum. Works with water filtration and vortex suction or something. Awesome cleaning power, but cumbersone to use. Come's with the long hose and a few assorted nozzles. Sounds like a jet engine.

Sega Dreamcast -- $75

Bought back when Dreamcast was the shit. Comes with one controller, no memory card, power cord, A/V cord, and a few burned/backup games. Hardly ever used.

PM me, email me at swoop1156(at), or call 810-300-9180

MAKE ME OFFERS! I NEED THIS GONE. I do package pricing!

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[quote author=devil2k link=topic=74711.msg1336859#msg1336859 date=1176590459]
I thought you're selling R2D2 when I saw the vacum
[/quote]Hahah, never thought of that before. lol.
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