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Description: Up for auction is my Avic-D3 navigation system. Only selling because I upgraded to the z110bt. This is a super easy unit to bypass so you can watch movies on the road. If the winner wants, I will walk them through the process, or if you get it professionally installed I will send you a link of instructions for the intstaller to follow (chances are they already know how to do it (ground the parking brake wire, ect) I think this is the best navigation unit out there besides the new z and x series that cost double. The voice guidance and customization features like color matching the button colors to your cars interior, blow away the z1, z2, and z3, and especially the f series. Just the most reliable and biggest bang for your buck. Cost $1000 retail. All manuals can be downloaded from


Screen- The lcd is in perfect condition, not one hairline scratch, nic, ding or mark of any kind (10/10 condition on lcd).

Trim- The trim has a few (and I mean just a few) hairline scratches from pressing the buttons, no dings or cracks, ect (9.5/10 condition on trim, just because I'm a perfectionist).

Functionality- Perfect working condition. DVD drive is quite and perfect condition. All functions work perfectly.

-Avic-D3 Unit
-CNDV-90MT east backup disk
-New Power Harness (kept old one for my new z110bt)
-OEM GPS Antenna
-OEM Ipod Cable
-OEM A/V Cables
-Brand new OEM Reverse Signal wire from Pioneer
-Brand new OEM Speed Signal wire from Pioneer
-Brand new OEM magnetic pad for gps.

Quick video of the unit in action in my Mazda 3:

Shipping: Fed Ex shipping. I usually get it out the same day, if not, then the next with tracking

$420 shipped

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