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FS: alpine SPR 17 LS 6.5" component speakers (new Lower price)

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I am selling a used set of alpine SPR 17ls 6.5 component speaker set. It wasnt used much i only wired up one door and decided to go back to stock because of the pita of running wires through our doors. I got some pins and now have a type x comp set to put in so im selling this set. It is missing a few of the tweeter mounting peices and one of the tweeters does not have the cover on it as shown in the picture. some screws may be missing i did not count them but the bag had a hole in it so its possible. the template in the side of the box for the speaker mount and instruction book are also gone. Other then that everything is there and in working order. I paid 139.99 I am looking for $100 $80 shipped OBO

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Re: FS: alpine SPR 17 LS 6.5" component speakers

mods can we move to general buy please thanks.
You still lookin for a buyer on these speakers?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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