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Up for sale is a 32gb ipod touch in great condition. When i went to the apple store, i purchased this ipod touch along with a Incase protective cover (gets very high ratings btw) which has been on it ever since i left the apple store. The back has no scratches except for one smudge/scratched area that is really small and not noticeable. The front is in perfect condition, not a single scratch. A week later after i left the apple store i put a Invisible Shield protective cover over the top of the ipod's screen, making it impossible for anything to scratch it.

Reason im selling this is because i just bought a 32gb Iphone and i have no need for this anymore.
Purchased it originally for $354 for the ipod, $40 for the incase bumper, and around $30 for the invisible shield. Which adds up to be $424.

I'm looking for $200 OBO.


Please either PM me, reply here, or email me ([email protected]) to get a hold of me, thanks.
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