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I am in the process of ordering my new wheels. Which I should have in about a week or a two. I'm selling my stock rims. The car was purchased in the beginning of December, so wheels are about 3 months old and have about 3,000 miles on them. I have carefully inspected each wheel and there is no damage of any kind. They are in perfect condition.

I have vinyl decals over the blue center caps that came with the wheels. The decals peel off easily and cleanly if you would prefer to see the blue.

The auction is for the wheels only. I plan on reusing the tires and sensors. If you are interested in the tires as well we may be able to work something out. But that would be an additional charge.

I'm located in South Florida, so wheels have never seen snow or weather that can damage the wheels.

Wheels will be shipped out via FedEx ground and insured. Tracking will be provided.

Price: Looking for $749 OBO
Shipping: $99

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