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I have a complete list of my stuff below. I'm in Ann Arbor MI. Color is Galaxy Grey. There is a pretty big scuff below the headlight where the previous owner hit the concrete base of a light pole. I'd rather sell it as a whole, but if it doesn't sell and you offer the right price, it's allll yours.

I got stuff this with the intent of putting it on my 06 sedan. Everything fits perfectly, more info in this thread.

Willing to ship if the buyer pays expenses. Also willing to meet half way, depends on the day and mood on how far I go, so just lemme know! All prices are OBO.

Bumper cover: $100


Upper grill: $20

Lower grill: $20

Fog lights: $120/one or $200/pair

Support Brackets: $10

Emblem (professionally painted grabber blue, the bigger one on the bottom) $20

Foam (the one on the car) $40

$350 for everything
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