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Lot my job Friday so it has to go...

The exhaust has already been sold so the bike will have the stock pipes on it.

~8000 miles

Black Anodized Uncaged Sliders
Heavy Black Milled Throttlemeister
SW Motech Bar Risers
Brand new Conti Road Attacks (new front not installed but included)
New battery

The bike was laid down very lightly in a gravel patch going about 15mph. Most of the damage was isolated to the left front faring and left frame slider. Still rides like new…

Help a brother out… $4500


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Re: 2006 Yamaha FZ6 - Pittsburgh

[quote author=ballinpapo link=topic=138351.msg3170047#msg3170047 date=1244590706]
3000 and ill drive up there to pick it up from FL :lol:

how you gonna low-ball a guy who just lost his job? :p
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