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I'm advertising for my friend, so don't freak out 'cause I'm not selling my baby, yet.
He's an international student who is graduating in few months and will be going back to China by the end of April. That's why he's selling the car. This car was not involved in any accidents at all and is in good condition. I've personally checked it out myself. By the way, this car was never modded, except for the HID headlights but he took them out. I would've traded if I didn't put so much money into my sedan.

The price is $20,000 CAD OBO.
29,000KM Only!!
5-speed standard, 2.3L 4 cylinder, leather seats, sunroof, A/C, ABS, cruise control
EXTRA SET OF WINTER TIRES(Michelin Pilot, included in the price)

Please contact (306)501-1131 Samuel

Just in case if the image don't show, here's the link to the kijiji listing
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