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Front Radar Sensor System Malfunction

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I'm in EU . I have a 2019 Mazda 3 BP . I am getting the following warning :
1. Front Radar Sensor System Malfunction
2.Front radar obscured and Safety and Driver Support Systems Temporarily Disabled
almost every day, and most of the time there is nothing obscuring the sensor. On the instrument panel I get the amber sensor light at the same time as having the the circle around the car still green.
-"Mazda Radar Cruise Control Temporarily Disabled" , Every time I go on the highway I set the Cruise control and it starts working properly but then i get the message and the cruise control stops working. Sometimes i can re-set the cruise control but it only lasts a few minutes and then stops working again.
I have verified that both the badge on the front grill and the windshield in front of the rearview mirror area are clean. Has anyone else had problems with this? Any ideas on a solution?
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