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front end swap

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anyone though about switching the front ends on a Sedan and a Hatch?

i have a sedan and i'd love to have the hood from the hatch. so im assuming you would have to swap the whole front end to have it fit right.. if it does at all.
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Yeah I was thinking about that as well. You would for sure need a hood, I suspect Fenders as well.

Whether the bumper could stay I'm not sure.
I read on a review of the Mazda3 that none of the panels are shared between the hatch and the sedan. If you wanted to switch the front end, not only would you have to switch the whole front end (fenders, hood, front facia, headlights, fog light assembly, and the grill), but there is no guarantee that the front doors would match up. Seems like a whole lotta trouble to me just for a different look, I don't think it would be worth it.
What I dont like on the HB is the front... and more the hood... I had maybe thought to get a Sedan front if I had a HB but not the inverse lol.
i know they dont "share" a single piece. but it'd lookd pretty gnarely IMO.
No way you can just switch from ends - too bad cause I'd like the black grill off the base sedan - (or maybe one from a european hatch . . . hmm)

Otherwise, the A pillars are different between hatch and sedan as well the hatch has fender flares that lead into the doors. Bumper swap is impossible too - the shape is completely different.
surely someone's going to do some new hoods... how about an Evo hood? Or better yet, one like the PTG BMW M3 ALMS cars from a couple years ago... crazy vents and scoops coming up out of it.

wow i thought i was the only weird one of front end swapping... i think the 4door looks way better den the hatch front end... i hate how the hatch has the grill attached to the hood...
I don't think it's possible.

Unless you do a BIG swap. The sedan has an "indented" hood, whereas the hatch hood is "extruded" where you see the "hood lines".

I didn't notice it until recently actually, since the hatch lines flow so well into the rear "bulge" above the wheel wells.
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